Since my childhood I play the piano, especially 'by ear'. As I wanted to play the music I liked and I hardly got lessons,       I learned myself to play the piano in this way.

After a carreer of 18 years as a forwarding agent working for French clients, I took private lessons in classical piano, 16 years from i.e. Annemieke de Koning, and composition from Marlies du Mosch and Federico Mosquera.

In 2008 I started publishing my compositions and arrangements under the name Arrangettto. I compose and arrange music for piano solo and other instruments and I write (the music for) songs. Arrangetto is also my YouTube-name. In 2013 my composition 'Que la Pluie persiste' gained the semi-final in the Third Piano Composition Contest of Fidélio Editorial.

As a pianist I play my music in several public places. If desired, I explain and tell about the images I have in mind. I also give these presentations in French.

Apart from writing and playing music I give workshops and private lessons. During the Piano3driedaagse of 2014 in           De Doelen/Rotterdam I gave two workshops 'Playing the Piano by Ear'.

Together with the artist/teacher Hella De Boo I organize workshops 'Drawing on Piano Music'. During these workshops the participants make drawings inspired by the compositions that I play live.

Irene van Osch